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Background and Backbone: Our Partners


The German Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) identified a potential fruitful ground for organic agriculture in Africa which could contribute to food security, sustainable development and the conservation of biodiversity. In order to promote organic agriculture, GIZ, on behalf of BMZ, initiated a network of five regional knowledge hubs for organic agriculture in Africa and mandated African partner organizations to implement these hubs in Southern, Eastern, Weste North, and Central Africa.

SEKEM Friends Deutschland operates the Knowledge Hub in North Africa, which welcomes subscriptions of Rural Service Providers from all North African countries, with a special focus on Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco.

We chose three countries to build up the Knowledge Hub in North Africa and hope that many other countries will join in. The partner institutions are highly qualified, vastly experienced, and deeply immersed in the organic sector in their countries. Learn more about the project partners:


Technical Center of Organic Agriculture (CTAB)

CTAB is an institution affiliated with the Tunisian government and represents its competence center for nationwide knowledge management for organic agriculture. The mission of CTAB includes organizing training and extension activities for organic operators in the country as well as conducting applied research on all aspects of organic agriculture, the results of which could be applied and adapted to farm conditions in different regions in the country.

Its other objectives include providing technical support to organic operators and working with organic producers to oversee the dissemination of information which can enhance their productivity.




SEKEM (SEKEM Development Foundation)

Since 1977, SEKEM has been the umbrella of a multifaceted agro-industrial group of business companies and NGOs encompassing a variety of socio-cultural-human development institutions. SEKEM institutions are regarded as outstanding world-class, socio-business corporations. In 2003, the Right Livelihood Foundation awarded SEKEM and its founder with the prestigious “Alternative Nobel Prize”.



Heliopolis University for Sustainable Development (HU)

HU is the 1st non-profit university in Egypt and the Middle East with Sustainable Development as its main underlying principle. HU consists of 5 faculties, including the Faculty of Organic Agriculture, as well as a Social Innovation Center. The foci are the educational and research efforts and their impact on the advancement of sustainable development in Egypt and in the world.


Fédération Interprofessionnelle Marocaine de la Filière Bio (FIMABIO)

FIMABIO is officially recognized as the umbrella representative of the organic sector in Morocco. Its mission is to define and implement a strategy for the future development of organic agriculture in collaboration with the Moroccan government. It also offers technical assistance to farmers and engages in the extension of good practices. FIMABIO unites three professional associations representing the three key organic actors in Morocco:

Production with “ANAPROBIO”, the Moroccan Association of Organic Producers

Valorization with “VALBIO MAROC”, the Moroccan Association of Organic Processors

Distribution with “ANADEXBIO”, the Moroccan Association of Organic Distributers and Exporters


Sekem Freunde - Verein zur Förderung kultureller Entwicklung in Ägypten e.V. (SFD)

The SFD was founded in 1983 in order to support the SEKEM vision of holistic sustainable development and foster a connection between Germany and Egypt. The objectives of the association are the promotion of education, health service, agriculture, science, art and research. This includes the planning, foundation and maintenance of facilities that serve these purposes. The association realizes these goals with volunteer support and consultation, material and monetary donations as well as with the collection of donations for these goals.

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