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Applied research and valorization of research results

Adaptation of research results

In the aim of adapting the research results to local and regional levels, the CTAB, with the collaboration of agriculture research and high education institutions, realizes applied trials in farm of organic farmers and several experimental stations of agricultural organizations. The climatic conditions and the best representativeness of the organic farms are always taken into consideration. Annually they are an average of 20 trials distributed in several regions covering various topics related to organic agriculture (fertilization, protection, quality of the products, livestock and technical economic studies… ect).

Experimentations in CTAB station

The CTAB achieves yearly an average of 20 experimental trials in its experimental station, located in Chott Meriem, Sousse. The studies involve several organic agricultural techniques: compost, vegetables at open fields and under greenhouses, aromatic and medicinal plants, trees especially citrus, table grapes and olive trees.

These trials cover various topics related to organic agriculture: varietal adaptation, seed production, fertilization, protection, quality of the products, processing, packaging, storage, technical economic studies… ect .

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