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Communication and Information

Seminars and Workshops

The CTAB organizes and animates local, regional and national seminars, information and field days, national and international meetings based on a training program on Organic Agriculture in order to valorize the incentives and mechanisms established in favor of this sector and exchange information, publication training, research results and expertise in Organic Agriculture with the various national and international organizations.


The CTAB participates annually in many regional, national and international exhibitions, fairs and festivals, in order to promote the Organic Agriculture sector in Tunisia, identify opportunities and partnerships to invest in this sector and exchange experiences with the participants in these events.  

Events Participation Program 2022

Technical assistance and supervision

The CTAB achieves technical assistance and supervision to all the memberships which are producers, processors, exporters, public organizations and private companies working in the field on the development, research and agriculture extension service, in order to ensure the reliable transfer of technologies and organize field visits both to the experimental station of CTAB, and farms trials in organic farmers or several experimental stations of agriculture organizations in the framework of cooperation agreements.


Technical publications  

Le CTAB realizes and distributes technical documents (leaflets, brochures, datasheets, etc.) related to different aspects of Organic Agriculture. Also, the CTAB realizes "Organic Agriculture Magazine" each four months (three issues per year).

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