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General Missions

  • To ensure the adaptation of the results of research with the real conditions of the farms according to the requests and the needs for the producers and their structures and professional organizations.  
  • To realise the programs relating to the setting pursuant to the results of research and to work for their adaptation to regional specificities of the various agricultural area.  
  • To ensure the actions of popularization allowing the fast and effective transfer technical progress in this field.  
  • To organize the diffusion of the most effective techniques of production in collaboration with the various organizations exerting in the field of agricultural research and to constitute a bank of data in order to ensure a rational exploitation of the data and recorded technical training.
  • To work for the support of the agricultural development by the formation, the recycling and the improvement of the popularizers of land, the farmers, the trainers and teachers agricultural..
  • To ensure the technical and economic framing producers, in order to help them to solve the problems having milked in particular with :

-      Farming and technical techniques of fishing.

-        Improvement of the productivity.

-          Improvement of the quality of the products.

-          Control production costs.

-          Commercial techniques.

-          Techniques of storage and conditioning. 

  • To develop exchanges with the similar organizations or of same national of foreign interests like with the international organizations.
  • To undertake any study and to join together any scientific and technical documentation referring to the sector to diffuse them near the users.
  • To take part in the realization of all other missions likely to interest directly or indirectly the development of the agricultural sector.

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