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Conditions of the logo grant for tunisian organic products


In order to promote organic products in national and international markets, free tunisian and optional logo was established. In order to benefit from the logo, product should be certified by a control and certification body in accordance with tunisian regulations.The logo is granted after an application from the operator in accordance with a model which it is accompanied with the certificate of compliance delivered by control and certification body proving that the product is obtained according to the rules of organic production. This file shall be submitted to the regional commissariats for agricultural development or the general directorate of organic agriculture which proceeds to their examination within no more than one month as of their lodging date.

The applicant shall submit to the general directorate of organic agriculture the used labels as well as any project of a modification to bring to the labeling.

The logo shall be granted by decision of the Minister of Agriculture with an annexed document fixing the location of the logo, its size, colors, shape and all instructions which shall be respected when being used. In case of refusal, the interested person shall be informed through a registered letter enclosed with a covering letter.

The logo was registered in the National Institute of Standardization and Industrial Property.

Legislative references :

  • Decree N° 2010-1547 dated 21 June 2010, establishing a logo concerning the Tunisian products of biological agriculture and fixing the conditions of its grant and withdrawal. (O.G.R.T N° 51 - June 25, 2010)


  • Order of the minister of the agriculture, hydraulic resources and fisheries dated 23 august 2010, completing the Order of October 24-2005 related to the administrative services given by the department of the ministry of agriculture and hydraulic resources, public institution under supervision and on the conditions of their grant. (O.G.R.T N° 69 - August 27, 2010)


  • Decree N° 2011-4801 of December 10 – 2011, amending the Decree N° 2010-1547 of June 21 - 2010, establishing a logo concerning the Tunisian products of Organic Agriculture and fixing the conditions of its grant and withdrawal. (O.G.R.T N° 99 - December 30, 2011). (Published only in Arabic and French)

  • Decree N°2016-553 dated 2 May 2016, amending decree n°2010-1547 dated 21 June 2010, creating a logo for the Tunisian biological agriculture products and fixing the conditions and procedures of its granting and its withdrawal. (O.G.R.T N° 37 – May 6, 2016). (Published only in Arabic and French).

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