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The Organic Agriculture in the world

The organic agriculture sector in the world is a dynamic sector which evolves from year to year in terms of area, number of operators and the value of organic markets.

The area of organic agriculture in the world

During the year 2019, the total area of organic agriculture reached 107,4 million hectares, including 72,3 million hectares for organic agriculture land (67,5% of the total organic area) and 35,1 Million hectares for wild collections area.

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Figure 1 shows the distribution of organic agriculture by continent, thus the organic agriculture is found in 187 countries.

Figure 1. Distribution of the area of organic crops by continent

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Source: The World of Organic Agriculture- Statistics and Emerging Trends 2021- IFOAM/FIBL

Organic operators

The number of organic operators is approximately 3.260.336 during the year 2019.

These operators include 96% of producers, 3,5% of processors, 0,3% of exporters and 0,2% of importers.

Organic market

The value of organic market is 112 billion dollars in 2019. The figure 2 shows the annual evolution of sales of organic products in the world.


Figure 2. Annual evolution of organic markets in the world (Unit : billion dollars)

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Source: The World of Organic Agriculture- Statistics and Emerging Trends 2021- IFOAM/FIBL

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