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Specific Missions

  • Propose to the teaching and research institutions different specific research topics to the Organic Agriculture..  
  • Establish Maps delimiting the most favorable regions to the Organic Agriculture.  
  • Develop specific techniques related to the production of the Organic Matter, the rearing of insects used in Biological Control and the specific equipment for processing…  
  • Adapt the specific technical innovations to the Organic Agriculture with the aim of generalizing their utilization..  
  • Participate in the preservation of species and the genetic heritages of plants and animals known for their perfect adaptation to the climatic and natural conditions of different regions.  
  • Participate in the realization of experiences with a view to the approval and the registration of various Organic inputs (Organic Fertilizers, Biopesticides, Biological Seeds…) and the updating of the authorized inputs list in Organic Agriculture.  
  • Experiment different crops used in rotations systems.  
  • Set up economically suitable techniques concerning the Organic production of animals specific to the adapted races, the management of cowshed, the feeding, the animal health, the management husbandry and the by-product recycling.   
  • Publish the periodic magazines and the necessary documentation including the audiovisual concerning results of the applied research and training sessions.  

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